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Recreation of the Dantesque scene of the “volcanic winter” after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano
Recreation of the Dantesque scene of the “volcanic winter” after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano

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This missive has begun to circulate very recently through the network of networks. Becoming very popular in a short space of time.

It apparently belongs to a Professor of Physics from a South American country, endowed with the gift of clairvoyance, he prophesied his own death. And, what is actually worse, also our own death.

In the same, the physicist describes the macabre stage of the apocalyptic end of big part of the humanity. And, it goes further away. In addition of describes to us how this event will be, he indicates us the exact date in which the mentioned catastrophe will take place.

Next, we transcribe the letter of the supposed seer, hoping that his cruel and deadly premonitions never took place...

“My name is Venturo de Galiano. I am a physicist of profession, 56 years, single and, thanks God, I never had children.

In spite of my profession, my contact with the spiritual world has been quite deep.

Perhaps, it could seem paradoxical that a sciences man could open his mind for experiences of religious or paranormal type. But, believe me, But, it is something more common than they might imagine.

My personal experience is based on the power of clairvoyance. And, it is not something that I have searched, it always was there. Since the very time I was a child.

We all have the ability to develop the power of the natural clairvoyance, since it is believed that is inside our being, slept, but is able to be woken up and different methods have been developed in order to stimulate and reinforce it.

Although, today, natural clairvoyance is one of the phenomena most studied within the environment of parapsychology, is well known that since ancient times there are people gifted with this ability, which in some cases decided engage in helping their communities and people in exchange for food, milk, or money. Usually, these people used to be consulted so much for plebeian as for the people of the royalty and, up to today, the natural clairvoyance is a phenomenon that it has helped to many nations in the most difficult times.

I must tell you, that this power has brought to me big happy moments, but also big sorrow. Moreover, to be honest, I must admit that it has been more the sorrow than the happy moments. It is sad to be talking to someone knowing that is going to betray you in a few days. Or, to love someone with madness, as a father or a son, and to know in advance when this person is going to die.

And, sometimes, it can become even harder. Sometimes, and believe me that it's not so nice, we have to see how it is going to be our own death and, what is worse, the circumstances in which this one has to happen.

Unfortunately, today, I have lived that experience: The hard and cruel clairvoyance of my death. An experience for which, without knowing it, I've been preparing from the very first moment in which I was born. Because, unfailingly someday would have to happen.

My scientific training, has also allowed me to have a vision particularly different from the clairvoyances that I have experimented. Never, I have interpreted any of my premonitions from an optic of religiosity, superstition or fanaticism of any kind. And, never, I have done publicity of the same ones or tried to negotiate with them.

I must clarify that, generally, the same ones have always been associated with facts, beings and events linked to my person and my intimacy. Hence, I have always considered them of definitely private character and have always tried to maintain them in this ambience.

Up to today …

It has been a terrible clairvoyance, something that would not have any more relevancies, out of the scope and the gravity of the same one. A premonition, that encompasses more than my scope and becomes a prophecy for the rest of humanity. The communication of an event, that will affect not only me, but also to each and every one of the living beings on the planet.

Yes, by this I mean that the day of my death, will also be the day of your death.

The Earth has been undergoing changes over the past millennia that lead to complete cycles that in its behavior as a planet have been repeating since the very beginning of the times.

Gaia has been giving clear notice of such changes, which direct slowly but inscrutably towards the end of these cycles and, more specifically, to the end of one of these cycles in particular.

A giant has been asleep more than 640,000 years and is about to wake up. The cycle of the same is coming to an end. I mean the biggest super volcano of North America, the Yellowstone super volcano.

Scientists know, clearly, that it is inevitable that one of these colossal volcanoes explodes again in the future. It could be tomorrow, in five decades or twenty centuries; but, we also know that when it happens, the devastation will be unimaginable.

My death, and probably yours, is not going to happen as a direct result of this explosion. I live in South America, miles away from there. And you, perhaps right now, are seated in the lounge of you house reading this letter on the Internet, in the outskirts of a nice European city. Do not believe that for being so far away from the epicenter of this catastrophe, you are going to get rid of the consequences of the same.  And, the more regrettable, is that there is nothing we can do in order to prevent it.

Yellowstone has begun the countdown for the next eruption of colossal scales. In recent months, has presented a growing and worrying seismic activity. In fact, major American universities have warned that they had never seen nothing like this in all the years watching the seismic activity about the Cauldron of Yellowstone.

But, what is the scenario that we will have to live? Well, the explosion of the Yellowstone super volcano is going to have a force a thousand times more powerful than the eruption of the most powerful volcano that our civilization has ever known. A rash so great, that will leave two thirds of the United States completely destroyed.

Millions and millions of people will die in the act, and many others will be forced to leave their homes and flee. But, that will not be of great help. The eruption will throw for the airs a layer of volcanic ash to hundreds of kilometers of height, which will be deposited again on the surface of the planet, leaving a thick layer of the same scattered to thousands of kilometers away

My death, and yours, I repeat it again; it will ensue after the beginning of the “volcanic winter” that will cause the eruption, and that will cool radically the planet. Global temperatures will be reduced in several tens of degrees. This already has happened in the past. The man suffered a volcanic winter approximately 74.000 years ago, because of the Indonesian volcano called Toba, which significantly reduced the number of human beings.

All, absolutely all of the vegetation of the planet and, as a consequence, all animals, both carnivores and herbivores, as well as the man himself, will suffer the consequences of this process. The food pyramid will be broken and drinking water sources will be contaminated.

Survivors of the catastrophe will roam around the planet in search for food and something to drink, in a gruesome journey that they would have never wanted to live.  Leaving behind the bodies mutilated, of those not able to keep on fighting.

A small group of survivors will be saved in a natural way after the chaos. But, after their titanic struggle, will be annihilated by the political and economic elites who, after remain protected in the huge bunkers that were built underground, will emerge with the whole military paraphernalia they possess, in order to take control of what they claim belongs to them: planet Earth.

My death will be a cold day of July. July 22nd, to be more precise. Only 123 days after the explosion of the Yellowstone super volcano. The year? 2....”

Let the one who has understanding calculate the number...

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